Monday, June 23, 2008

not for the faint of heart or the queasy of stomachs

The footage you are about to see is for mature audiences. If you have a sensitive stomach or are easily disturbed you should change the channel.

Okay, I warned you.

Some back story is required...but to lead off...I HATE Mondays. And they hate me. If we all jump into the "Way-Back" machine, we can find out why this story even takes place. Just about 17 years ago exactly I went out on a motorcycle ride with my dad and ended up spending six months on crutches due to me not being able to ride on the back. What ended up happening was that my left foot got sucked into the brand new rear tire and got stuck between the tire and the frame of the bike. Two skin grafts later, and one MAJOR miracle I was walking and running like normal. Fast forward 17 years and today starts. I show up at work and find out that the plane that I thought I had fixed on Friday, still leaked. As I was getting ready to start draining the fuel out so that I could open up its gas tank for the third time, I started to pull my tool box to the plane. Note my choice of words, "Pull." I found out the hard way why you are supposed to "Push" not "Pull" tool boxes. As I was pulling my box I didn't quite walk fast enough. There goes my heel under the box...and BRING ON THE PAIN TRAIN. The tool box ended up shaving off the scar from my heel. That, in and of itself is painful. I have experienced that before because my soccer cleats have worn off my scar. What pushes this experience over the top is that my tool box destroyed my heel as a blunt instrument. My heel is about three different shades of purple, and I might have broken a bone spur off. As I walk it feels like there something rolling around under my Achilles tendon. If my heel feels this bad by the end of work tomorrow I will be going to the doctor and having an X-ray to see the total damage. And here is the moment that you have all been waiting for. Picture proof of the damage. Enjoy the show. :)

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