Sunday, July 06, 2008

stinkin' ticket

I finally met a cop that wasn't a softie to a guy on a motorbike. I was giddy-upping down the road on my way to Uncle Ron's to meet up with an old friend as I exited Hwy 34 onto Cornhusker Hwy. Every time I take that off-ramp on my bike I try to take it a bit faster, lean the bike over a bit more. Seems that I took this ramp the fastest yet. I straighten out from the turn, turn on my turn-signal to move over a couple of lanes to get pass some traffic, and then coast my way to the light. Just as the light is about to turn green a cop comes up behind me with his lights siren, just lights. Thinking that he is wanting past me on his way to a call, I quick pull ahead of the car next to me and get over. So does the cop. CRAP. He is looking for ME. So I pull over in the next parking lot, which just happens to be about 30 yards down the road from Uncle Ron's.

Cop: So, do you know what the speed limit is around here?
Me: fifty something?
Cop: Nope, 40MPH.
Me: Really? How fast was I going? (I thoughtI was doing 50).
Cop: You were doing 58 MPH. (for those math challenged, that is 18 over the speed limit. Correct me if I am wrong, but that is something like 10 points on a license)
Me: Really? I didn't think I could take that off-ramp so fast? Huh? Oops. Sorry about that.

Up shot is, he let me off kinda easy on that ticket. The total price is only $169, and he gave me a brochure about "Stop Class." I think I am going to take the class. It is only $80 (half the price of the ticket, but eight hours of my life completely wasted), and when I am done, the ticket (and points) are gone from my record. Yay me. I always find a way to make my life more expensive :D


Megs said...

Soulreavers - was reading through my old poetry blog, saw some of the comments that you wrote. I miss you. How is your life, your community now?

Anonymous said...

so freaking post again already.