Saturday, June 14, 2008

bad boy?...or multi-tasking?

So I drove up to Norfolk for the weekend for a couple of reasons. One, the weather was beautiful and it just begged for a road trip. Two, I needed to do some work on my bike that required it to be off the ground and my dad has a motorcycle jack. Three, it IS Father's Day this Sunday. And Fourthly but not lastly, my good friend Trisha Kment is changing her last name to "Cole." Which brings me to the title of my post. They (Trisha and Joshua Cole) asked me to be the sound-man during the reception. Duties entailed are making sure that there is music during the eating time, that the MC has a mic, and that the slide show is turned on at the correct time.

So here I am, sitting in the sound booth bored out of my gourd. Trying to get 300 odd people through a buffet line takes a bloody long time. Ergo, nothing to do. Till just now, when I finally (15 seconds ago) had to get the slide show going. If you don't get the title of the post, comment and I will explain it all out ;)

P.S. I got half of the work done on the bike. Realized that I REALLY didn't want to do one of the jobs myself, so I am going to take it in to the shop for that one.

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