Saturday, January 12, 2008


Had a fun breath of fresh air blow through town the other day; Thursday to be exact. The very fun and beautiful Jamie Tyser graced us with her presence as she gave a recital/concert at First Plymouth. Her musical selection was varied and filled with passages that were completely unknown to me. That was fun because most everything was new and intriguing. Most of the pieces were filled with a dissonance that is missing in most music you hear, and done in a minor key. Very melancholy (to me at least). A couple of her songs just begged to have some artistic license added in by the song would have been the work of two notes to go in to "The Pink Panther" by Henri Mancini. I forget what the other song could have been. Oh well. And now to get the impression that you were in fact there. Here is the visual aspect. Sorry, no audio or video today ;) And no, there was no organ in the concert...I just thought it was cool. In case you can't tell, she plays the trumpet...and she plays it well.

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The Toplov Trio said...

My goodness Ben, you have really outdone yourself. First you posted and now you're adding pictures!!!