Sunday, January 06, 2008


Here I sit...half bored out of my skull, and yet not caring too much. Why you ask? B/c I am getting paid $18.75 to babysit two mechanics as they work on their helicopter. I don't have to be here to do any work, but because of insurance purposes; so here I sit. I have caught up on almost all of my internet duties, listened to two CDs, read one magazine, and I still have over four hours of time that I have to kill before I am allowed to leave. The weather is being kind of nice, so I might be able to get some good pictures of the airport and any planes that might be parked outside. Christmas was good; incredibly busy but good. New Years wasn't so much a bang but a whimper...same as every New Years I have been a part of since as long as I can remember. Actually, there was one year that the year ended with a bang. I got a concussion and almost went to the hospital that night. This was way back in the wogie days of Mexico. My family was celebrating New Years with the Corleys and us kids were outside lighting off bottlerockets in the street. Once we ran out of explosives, we started running around like hooligans, twirling, dancing...whatnot. Me and Katie were spinning really fast in a circle inside the Corley's coche (...covered driveway) when our hands slipped and I went headfirst into the concrete wall. I thought I was alright, but I was knocked out, nauseous, loopy, and all the rest. Needless to say, I did NOT see midnight but was asleep/passed out/unconscious in somebody's bed. Yeah, that would have to be the "Craziest" New Years I have been a part of. Any stories along those lines?

P.S. If anyone is curious, I STILL have not been paid from Dallas. }-)

.: EDIT:.

I actually got to help out with the chopper guys take out and relube the 8 bolts holding the 4 rotor blades in. That was some work. I am now very sore in the upper back.


aubrey payne said...

ooo, they better get on that! why havn't you been paid.
anyway, i actually went in to get a 20 dollar tat but they were ALL super when i found out the piercings were 20 too...i opted for that.

The Chad said...

I hope your sore back doesn't keep you from posting in 5 months :P

Indiagirl said...

i am so shocked to find that you blogged, I almost fell out of bed!

soulreavers said...

ouch guys ;) sorry for the absence. I'm keepig my fingers crossed that it won't be another 5 months

Jay said...

At least it is a pleasure to think that THIS post was 5 months in the making!

kate said...

how is it that i have absolutely no memory of this event from long ago?! did i hit my head too?!
you'd think i would remember being party to a concussion.
would a belated 'sorry to knock you unconscious' count for anything?