Sunday, January 13, 2008


You know how Indie films are always thought provoking? Quite often amazing? Usually they have quirky camera angles, stilted dialoge, and messages that go light years beyond the banality of the regular celluloid trash that we call blockbuster (or must-see) movies. "Arranged" is one such film. A good friend, Jonathan Gregory, invited me over for dinner tonight. After dinner was over, we (me, Jonathan, Jay, Liz, Josh) watched this movie that won several awards at various film festivals this last year. It is about two single women in New York, one is a Jew and the other is a Syrian Muslim. They teach at the same school and both of them are having marriages arranged for them. This movie shows their "unlikely" friendship as they realize that their differences are far outweighed by the similarities in their lives. As a movie, I would call it a must see. The performances of the two main actresses are amazing. Their joy, anguish, and frustration come through so strong that you almost feel as if you know them. If you call yourself a movie aficionado, a movie lover, or a movie noobie, I recommend that you rent this from your nearest blockbuster and watch it before the week is out. With no further ado, here is the trailer.


The Toplov Trio said...

Hmmm, with that kind of review I think I just might rent it SOON.

LiteratureLover said...

Thanks for sharing. The trailer looks incredible. Perfect timing-being the weekend and all. :)