Thursday, July 26, 2007

I LOVE technology

So, I finally get internet in my apartment. Hence the last post. With every fiber in my being, I purpose in my heart to post something blog-worthy of a month and a half absence, when what to my dismay occurs? Oh right, technology bites me in the butt. I finally have an evening when I have nothing to do and so I turn on the old trusty computer. Up it starts to load, and load, and load, and naseum. Oops, I guess my system is letting me know that it wants a break. I shut it down and restart to see if I can't figure out what the issue is. I change a couple of settings in CMOS and BAM!!! I get absolutely nothing when I try to restart. So I go to bed. I can't get back to my computer for a couple of days but when I do I reset everything to default and up she comes. Slowly, or so VERY slowly, but she is alive...and my network card is shot. I get nothing. It's great, I have a computer that works like a charm, I have cable internet streaming in all of its broadband glory, and I can't get online. Oh well, that is what roommates are for. The ability to steal his computer and use it for your own gain. :)

On a much lighter note, today felt very productive. Not the first eleven hours. Oh no, definitely not those, but once I got home, everything finally fell into place. I got the numerical keypad for my garage programmed so now I can get in even if I forget the remote upstairs. I also resurrected my sister's car. Three days to late to be of any use to her, and about three weeks to late for my own sanity; but she is up. Turns out that the ignition module in the distributor was shot (a common enough problem in that model year of Civic). The starter which I installed at the beginning of her vehicle problem saga is cranking like a champ, and the "wacked out" issue with her intake valves is normal because it is a V-TEC motor. Oh the joys of mechanicing on a automobiles. Give me a plane engine any day. They are much simpler and more logically put together. :)

For anybody who has not heard about my sister's car b/c you do not live in a 10 mile radius of my abode, I apologize that my last paragraph makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and is so filled with mumbo-jumbo.

In the words of the great Jim Carrey, "Good day, good evening, and good night." I have to clean the apartment and take a shower before people start showing up for Cary Grant night. For the intrigued among you, the movie that will be showing at the Taylor Theatre is "Grass is Greener." Feel free to it to find out the synopsis.


The Chad said...

see what you get for moving away from me...??? free tech support :P

scottieb said...

stealing my laptop, eh? so that's why i've been finding coffee stains, pen marks, and cheetos in the keyboard.

just kidding. my laptop, and everything i have, is there with the expectation that you (or someone) will use it. there's no such thing as a closed door policy in my book.

glad to be reading posts on your blog again. cheers . . ..

Indiagirl said...

Ben - it's now August, and you haven't posted in a while. SB has so I know that it's possible! I'll see you in 11 days or so!

Indiagirl said...

hey, I got your text message, did you get my reply??