Saturday, September 02, 2006

various and sundry

Hey, I am still alive and kicking. All evidence to the contrary. I am finally back online after a week hiatus. The guy I leech wireless off of went on vacation (I think) so his router was inaccessible for a week. Much happened in that week, but I can't remember what all it was. I should follow Supermom's actions and take blogging notes :)

If anybody is a fan of Derek Webb, go here to get his new CD for free. No, this is not a pirated or illegal copy. He put his CD as a free download on his website. The only two provisos for getting it are that you 1) have to let five people know about it before you are able to download, and 2) you can't be using an internet browser besides Internet Explorer (i.e. Mozilla, Netscape, etc). Great CD.

This is the last time I am going to mention this next item of interest. I think it might be a regular occurance for the next few months, so I am not going to bore you with repetition. Once again, I have worked a month without getting paid. lol. Uncertainty in finances is great. You scrimp and save and cut back on anything frivolous, and then when you do get paid...excess happens. First off, you pay all your bills. Then, you have a TON of cash available (b/c of your saving earlier). Now, if one were smart, one would not touch that extra cash, and save it so that finances didn't get QUITE so desperate later down the road. I try to, and succeed to a point. But I usually splurge a bit as well. Actually go out to eat at a restaurant, catch two or three movies, buy a movie or two for my personal collection. In case you are wondering, bills "did" get paid this month. My boss sat us down yesterday and gave us all $200 in cash to get us through the weekend. That paid the bills that were due the earliest (except for rent which is due in two days). We had gotten two HUGE orders out last week, so finances should have been in for us to get paid with...but the people who owned the planes and were supposed to pay for them, didn't. One guy hasn't given a dime yet, and the other decided to jerk us around and paid $1,200 out of the $11,000 job. He told the boss that the rest was in the "mail" and was supposed to get to us by Friday or Saturday. So we should be getting a month of back-pay on Tuesday. That will be nice to be able to go to my sis's wedding with enough cash to actually do stuff, buy her a wedding present, pay the folks for the plane ticket. Oh well, what happens, happens.

Besides that, not much is going on down here in Dallas. Oh wait, did you know that there is a man running for governor of Texas by the name of Kinky Friedmann? Yeah. There are a TON of bumper stickers "Kinky for gov." I crack up every time I see one. Seems that life is moving faster for everybody else in my life though. Two near death experiences in Tulsa (I know the details of one of them but not the other), lots of drama in the lives of past co-workers, mom running into medical problems (oh wait, that is kinda normal for ya mom), wedding details starting to stress out the fam...the list goes on and on.

Hope everybody has a GREAT Labor Day weekend. Toss back a cold one for me.


Daddyman said...

If Kinky wins the gov.'s race do you think the Dallas morning news will report the "Kinky came out on top"?? or maybe kinky stomps opponents face with spiked heels?? I'll stop there.

Glad to hear that you are doing well inspite of so little moolah. When we got married my pay was wrong for six months. good thing my wife is a penny pinching extraodinair!!

Have a beer for me to, just don't send me pictures like stinking sister and friends did.

thebarefootpoet said...

Hey man, glad your hanging in. Thanks for your comments on my blog, those truths, while I still don't know how they practically play out, are good for the soul to hear and read.

I'm going to behave myself on the Kinky deal, I do have to ask about the Kinky advertising, and Kinky commercials...okay, stopping now.

I'm throwing back a cold one for you and the daddyman, miss you both.

Zhenya & Danyelle said...

I know this has nothing to do with this post, but you spelled my last name wrong. TOPLOV...not TOPOLOV.

Oh and how would I put your blogsite link on my blogsite?

Alyssa said...

I don't understand why you have this job. Please explain.

Indiagirl said...

hello boy! Just re-reading some old blog enteries of yours. I miss you - well the Internet you - looking forward to seeing you again soon!

aubrey payne said...

so i'm pretty bummed i didn't make it udner the mexico list...oh well...i've got broad shoulders.

tory dolan said...

Hey! Got your comment... Thanks so much. And yes, I do work with Lindsey. I actually knew her when I was little. What a small world, hey? I will pass on your hello to her.

Also, I got Derek Webb's album - another friend had told me about it. It's GREAT!

Hope you're well... And thanks again for the comment. It was encouraging.

Josh and Rachel Roberts said...

Bro, what is up??? Long time no hear man...give a shout to your homeboy sometime. Hey, we are moving back to the States in tour in Okinawa is finished. FINALLY! Think we could hook up somewhere?