Friday, September 22, 2006

What is this?...

You might ask? I realize that I change my blog layout like most women change clothes. As often as possible. Ladies, don't hurt me .:cringes:. ;) I figured that upgrading to Beta required a refreshing of my small corner of the internet. A spring cleaning if you will. Tell you what, they have got some nice little features in this new version.

Okay, on to the topic that has dominated my sub-concious for the last week. Let me warn you, this is very lame, shallow, and worthless, so I will not be offended if you just stop reading right now. Why is it that women that ride sport bikes (such as Ducatis, Ninjas, CBR 900s) are invariably tall, thin, and beautiful, and yet women that drive cruisers (any Harley, or it's like) are hit or miss in that department? I have no clue, don't flame me too hard on that rather HUGE generalization. It hit me the other day when I passed two chicks (at different times) riding gorgeous CBRs and then passed several women on cruisers and the difference in appearance between those two classes of riders was striking (to say the least). Hey, I did warn you it was going to be shallow.

Peace out, I will have something more meaty to chew over later this weekend.


Zhenya & Danyelle said...

Yeah, your topic of conversation was shallow, but as a woman I don't feel offended (especially, since I don't ride bikes).

Daddyman said...

The first time I tried out a Harley was at the C&C shop there is Tulsa. I can't remember now which variety caught my eye but it was larger than me to say the least. The salesman said; "now, you're gonna need a fat girl on the back to hold this thing down." so maybe fat girls ride Harleys at the urging of skinny men??? Conversly one time I was in the cage behind an porky male on a rice burner of one sort or another and his fat was juggling with the vibrations of his grosses Laura out, I could only laugh.

the beta sight looks great, if I weren't so laxy I might try and upgrade.

talk at'cha later.

Alyssa said... you have pictures of the wedding?!

jay said...

shollow...? yes
accurate...? yes