Sunday, August 20, 2006


I got 'em. I tell you, I am the MASTER. Unfortunately, it is at something that is a bit of a negative. I can screw up electronic devices better than anybody I know. Yep, I don't even have to touch it to cause it to mess up. Case in point.

I have been needing things to go up on my walls so that everything didn't look so spartan, boring, bland, empty (take your pick, come up with your own adjectives if you want to). My bedroom is cool in this department because I have several movie and band posters up. This is for my living room. On one wall, I have a poster of the world. The opposite wall has a single framed picture hanging from it. Small, black and white, it depicts the USS Bashaw. If my memory serves me right (which it fairly often does not), it was my Grandpa's last sub command. Between those two walls, run the length of my living room. One side is dominated by my computer screen which is projected onto the blank wall. The last wall in this quadrangle has my projector stand, a calender, a Barnum and Baileys clown hat, and a framed painting. There is NOTHING else on the walls. Pretty sad use of square-footage in my opinion. Now that I finally have some extra cash in hand, I went down to Walmart to have them develop and blow-up some pics I have taken over the last year. Here is where I get back to my intro.

I go in for a nice quick one hour develop of my seven digital pictures; so I figured I would just drop them off, spend some time browsing the electronics department, and do a bit of shopping. Hmm, Mrs. Corley would kill me for that run-on sentence. Enter the "Gilligan's Island" theme music. My first four pictures (just 5X7s) developed in that one hour time frame, but my enlargements (two 8x10s and one 8x12) were having some difficulties. No problem, I have NO plans for today so I could wait another 15-20 minutes till they printed. Uh-uh, not gonna happen. They jammed, they rolled up, they tore, they got stuck in the developer, they got chopped in half. THEY NEVER DEVELOPED PROPERLY. To amuse myself and pass the time, I snuck (sneaked?) a book from the book and magazine department into Subway (no McDonalds in this Walmart), bought myself a small drink, and proceeded to read. I finished the book and went back to check on the status of my pics. STILL not working properly. How much time has passed? Four hours. Yep, four hours. I couldn't get upset, I was laughing too hard. As I said earlier, I got skills. Finally, they gave up on developing them, and had me just use the Kodak kiosk to make my pictures, and then gave them to me for free. I had to pay for the small pictures, but not having to pay for the enlargements meant that could now afford a cool frame. It all worked out. Now I just have to decide exactly how and where I am going to hang my pictures, as well as get some matte paper for one of my smaller pics. Will take some pics and post them when I finally get everything up.


LiteratureLover said...

Four hours? Oh my word! They should have given you EVERYTHING free. Well, it's nice that you're a good sport about it. Sounds like it all worked out in the end.

thebarefootpoet said...

Got to be a world record Wal Mart trip! Now that I'm a company man I guess that's okay : ) I miss ya, man, hope to get to see you soon. By the way, I checked out that one sight you posted about, dude, that was way trippy! What's that about anyway?

soulreavers said...

Poet, I wish I knew what it was about myself. That guy is OUT there. I didn't want to mention his name anywhere, b/c he googles his name. I didn't want him coming and finding me. ;)

Nairobi Paul said...

Thanks for the reminder that it's not just in Africa where things don't work.

Alyssa said...

Sounds like you need a woman. Maybe she could help in the decor and creative juices department.

Daddyman said...

WOW in four hours you could have snuck into the woods shot bambi and come home with a deer head decoration!!!

or (alternate ending to the comment)

Oh wal-mart that explains it. (Sorry, ther poet; we were all thinking it and I am far off enough to get away with saying it)