Sunday, May 06, 2007

movie night

to anybody interested.

I am starting a movie tradition for the summer period. All who know me, or know someone who knows me, are invited. Every Thursday starting the seventh of June and ending the second of August, there will be a movie shown at my place. Every movie will be have Cary Grant as the thread that holds this tradition together. The rough draft of movies to start off this little caper are "North by Northwest" "Operation Petticoat" "Father Goose" "Charade" "Arsnic and old Lace" "To Catch a Thief."

As you can see, this will put us halfway through the summer. Any other suggestions to finish it off would be appreciated.

Last note...popcorn and soda provided by me. Other snacky snacks are to be brought by anybody who feels like it. :)


I forgot to post the time. The movies will start around 8 PM. That way they end at a decent hour for all those that need to work in the morning.


jesprincess said...

That's about the collest thing ever! I might just steal that idea for the Tulsa area.

Alyssa said...

What about Houseboat and Charade?!

Indiagirl said...

I wanna come *sits in corner & sulks*

Anonymous said...

you have the coolest ideas.
I'm so there. I mean here. . . I'm always here. . . huh.

Anonymous said...

"Bringing Up Baby" is a must!

soulreavers said...

"Bringing Up Baby" is a must NOT. I only made it through 30 minutes the last time I tried to watch it. Ugh. ;)

aubrey payne said...

brining up baby?...def a must not...however, "notorious" is a very good cary grant/ingrid bergman thriller...check it out!

Jonathan said...

Another AWESOME Cary Grant movie is "Gunga Din"! "My Favorite Wife" is kind of a funny one and "Penny Serenade" is sad but good. Wish I could be there! Laters, Sarah