Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I think the wind is changing

Remember how Mary Poppins said that she would be around until the wind changed? How their lives would all change and be transformed in many great and strange ways? I think the wind might be changing down here in Dallas.

As mentioned before, I had a couple of interviews over Christmas Break. The bigger/better (?) of the two just called today and said that they would like to hire me. I am supposed to call them tomorrow (the 17th), sometime around noon, and give them my decision. There is only one problem. I don't know what I should do. If you want to comment and give your two cents worth, go ahead...but I won't be able to read them by the time I call. Here are the facts of the case.

1) The pay is $12.50 an hour
2) They pay me $250 a month to pay for medical insurance
3) The work is pretty much the same thing I am doing right now.
4) There are already a couple of places lined up for me to move into if I take the job
5) It is close to friends, family, and community
6) When I was interviewed here in Dallas, I told my boss I was thinking of working for him for at least a year
7) I have worked for him for only 7 months
8) I am behind about one month in pay...so does that absolve me from that spoken "agreement?"
9) If I move back home, that leaves the other three guys in the shop in a serious bind for THEIR paychecks
10) ...

Five for moving, four against...and yet there is my stinkin "word" in there as well as the "well-being" of my fellow man. So far, every job has been left b/c I was either going off to college or had graduated college and was moving on in life. This is the first time I have had to possibly give two weeks notice because of just wanting a different job, and the first time that the effect of my leaving could be that the company goes under. Yeesh. If I do leave, I am in a MUCH better place financially. But I don't want this move to be about the money. Is my time down here in Dallas done? Or does God still want me down here to grow me in patience, perseverence, and what not? If I leave now, have I persevered and trusted in Him enough? Or am I bailing before I should?

Oh well, I guess I will decide one way or another. Pray that I make the right one.

P.S. I cut the tip of my finger today. It bloody HURTS to type.


Indiagirl said...

I'll call you!

Steve said...

In my prayers Bro. Feel free to call if you want to talk more - Steve

Zhenya & Danyelle said...

Can't give advice, but I know if you seek God faithfully, He will guide you. Please give an update when you decide....

The Tart said...

Check your e-mail B!

The Tart
; *