Thursday, July 13, 2006

Last great hurrah

Thanks to everybody that has called, texted, emailed, and posted. Yes, yesterday was my anniversary day. I just celebrated that last "good" birthday of my life. Actually, maybe not. If I break 100, that is a good birthday as well. Seeing as how I know nobody in town, I listened to all the voice-mails I had received while at work, changed into some clean clothes I had brought with me to work, and treated myself to a good dinner. The restaurant is called Sambuca and is styled as Mediterranean Jazz. As it turns out, it is a 4-star restaurant with an extensive wine list, no mediterranean dishes, and a great cigar humidor. The best part music every night. Sometimes it is Jazz (it was when I dropped by), sometimes blues, rock, country, and even alt-Euro (one night this entire month). The band was a three piece set: one man playing a 100 yr. Steinway piano, a guy on the bass, and of course, one gentleman on a small trap set. They played a couple of cover songs (Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald) but their main repertoire was improv; and they were good at it. So, after I was done drinking my Savignon Mont-blanc, finished with my seafood ravioli, and had completely savored my Macanudo Premiere, I tabbed out. With tip I walked out of the restaurant $68 poorer. Good thing I only do a meal like that every 25 years.

As I started down the road, I looked at the time, 8:00. I had just spent three hours at a restaurant. Is that sad? or impressive? Either way, I had a good time. I drove home, tried to get online, was rebuffed by a frisky internet connection, took a shower, and then went to 10:00. I now eagerly await the presents that my family and Megan mailed down to me. Unfortunately, they shipped UPS, which delivers between 10 and 2. Who do they expect to sign for the package? I work. Oh well, I guess I shall just have to call UPS and have them hold it at the main hub for me to pick up later.


Indiagirl said...

Now, remember which one is your present, and which one you are just holding onto for me until I get there!
No playing with MY toys!!

Indiagirl said...

oh yeah by the way.


thebarefootpoet said...

Happy Birthday! Are you Eleventyone today? Ooops, sorry, random LOTR quote.

soulreavers said...

yes, I celebrated my gross birthday. :) I tell ya, getting old sucks, huh old-timer?

LiteratureLover said...

I kind of like your plan of a birthday celebration. Truth be told, I love going out by myself about as much as I like going out with others. :) Glad you treated yourself good! Happy Birthday.