Thursday, July 20, 2006


I like food. No, I love food. Any kind. Well...with a couple of exceptions, I will eat anything put in front of me (cooked tomatoes, black eyed peas, asparagus). Of course, because I will eat anything, my normal fare is rather mundane and boring (mac and cheese, hamburger helper, or nothing at all). Every once in a while, I decide to experiment with what I have and see what comes out. My shrimp pasta, cooked in red wine with garlic, onion, mrs. Dash, and lemon powder turned out phenom. Tonights fare might be interesting though. A pound of boneless chicken breast, simmered/boiled in red wine that has chili powder and "special seasoning" in it. The chicken was first treated to a Jamaican jerk rub. Whatever turns out, I will still eat it...the question is will I enjoy it. :P lol, somedays I crack myself up. I shall weight in with the verdict in about an hour. If nobody hears from me in the next 48 hours (e-mail, phone, blog) send out the search party, I might be in dire straights laying on the floor in my apt.

:edit: And he tasted and it was VERY good. If anybody wants the recipe...don't ask. I just mixed, matched, dashed, and rubbed. Very Emirel Legase


Zebigleb said...

I'm going to try it !
If problem send you my attorney !


Nairobi Paul said...

Sounds WAY delicious!

Say hi to those blue Dallas skies for me. (Pretty cloudy here, this time of year.)

LiteratureLover said...

Way to be creative, Mr. Chef! At least you'll eat it no matter what.

Jacqueline said...

haha I'm like that, I could eat almost anything. Just never take the time to experiment with food, too lazy i guess :) the chicken sounds good though!

Anonymous said...

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