Friday, July 21, 2006


I love free concerts. For one, it is free. Two, and even better, is that you can bring any camera that you want to take pictures. You pay for a concert, and the only thing you can take in is a small digital camera or a camera phone. Free, you can take the big guns. Anyway, I saw Los Lonely Boys today (alright, since I am posting this after midnight, I guess I should say yesterday) for free. I have been a "fan" of theirs for a bit. I liked their music, could ID them on the radio, but had never downloaded or bought any of their music. Yeah, after that concert? I'm hooked. They have a great rockabilly blues sound with a Latin flavor to it. Sort of a new version of Carlos Santana. Cool thing, I think they are Christians, if not...they're good Catholics. Clean lyrics, good music, KILLER playing chops. I tell you what, they can play their instruments. The lead singer/vocalist rocks out a Fender through a Marshall half-stack. The bassist? Now this guy knows how to strut his stuff onstage. He nailed a rock solid bass line (as well as crooning the back-up vocals) on a top of the line Hohner BBass VI...and he used all six strings, and the entire neck, plus strummed it like a guitar at times. Serious props to these guys. Now any band worth their salt has a couple of sound techs that run the front of house sound, and they have at least one guy that preps the instruments. Restrings and retunes all the guitars, plugs everything in, makes sure it all sounds good. Their prep guy was a god on the guitars. While tuning and testing he ripped out some blistering licks on the Fenders, and layed down some beautiful low end lead on the bass. My hat goes off to him.


thebarefootpoet said...

I'm jealous! I've would say I've been a similar kind of fan of theirs. Know their radio stuff, like what I hear, but don't really own anything of theirs. Sounds like I need to check em out. I'm telling you, watching those bands play, and all their people, techs, soundguys, crews, watching all of them, just inspires me so much. Wish I had been there to grab a beer at Fridays and rehash the show with you.

soulreavers said...

funny story...the bassist got arrested in Austin the next day for "assault, resisting arrest, and possession of 2oz of marijuana." So, maybe "not" so good catholics.

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