Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Alright, alright. I know I have been remiss in updating everyone in the biggest detail of my miniscule life here in the Big D. I got a job. As everyone noticed...and pointed out, I have a job. Unlike my last job, I actually love this job. It is a shorter commute in miles, but takes longer to get there and get back. The reason for this interesting phenomenon is Dallas rush hour traffic. My last job was 38 miles away, and took me about 35 minutes to get there. This job is 23 miles away and takes me 40 minutes minimum, about 50 max. Of course, that is a whole different ballgame coming home. If I have to take the interstate back (i.e. errands, crap like that), it takes an hour and a half to get home. That is just drive time, not counting the time taken to "do" the errand. Thank the Lord one of the guys I work with new a quicker route, so I now take the "back" roads and make it in 40 minutes flat. Sad, so very sad.

Now I know, you are all getting ready to beat me, since I haven't yet told you what I do. Well, don't swing yet, I am about to reveal "the JOB." It is working for a small airplane repair hanger. The adjective "small" denotes the size of the operation, plus the size of plane we work on. There are four mechanics (me included) who work on small Cessnas, Pipers, and Mooneys. This work can be electrical, structural, or engine. Which is PERFECT for what I need practice on if I am going to make it in my dream of being a missionary pilot. Work starts at 8, ends at 5, has two 15 minute breaks, and an hour lunch break. So far, I have worked through most of my small breaks, and the longest lunch I have taken in 30 minutes. Nice easy way to get some overtime pay in.

Being the new guy means that while I do get some of the easy jobs (close those panels, reinstall those seats, get me that ELT batter), I am also thrown into large jobs. My second week on the job I helped do a top overhaul of an engine. That was fun .:said in a VERY dry, sarcastic tone:. This job will be mentioned in my next blog post (15 minutes from now). All in all, I am totally enjoying myself, enjoying the experience, and trying to find someplace to move to that is closer to work.


Indiagirl said...

You weird man!! But seeing as you are leaving comments on my blog, I thought I'd return the favour. So nice to know you have a job, it means that you'll be able to take me out for a great big steak dinner when I see you later this year!!

LiteratureLover said...

Man, it sounds like you are going to be busy. I'm so happy that you are liking this job more than the other. I agree that you should find a place to live that's closer to work! Forty minutes is a lot for just drive time. (Said by someone who has never lived in Dallas)

thebarefootpoet said...

Dude, that's just perfect! Good luck finding a place closer. I spent seven months in Houston and it just became normal life to drive 45 minutes to get anywhere. It still sucked, but it was normal. Last night went great, with one noticeable absentee, yep, that'd be you.