Tuesday, June 27, 2006

good times

Some days I appreciate my upbringing more than other days. Take Friday for instance. Actually, back up even farther...to a month ago. That is how long it has been since a haircut. While my hair was nowhere near as long as some of you have seen it, it was too long to be wearing a helmet. The reason for that length of time is that it has been that long without a paycheck. When I was still looking for a job, I said to myself, "Self, first thing you do when you get your first check...is get a haircut." So, I did. This last Friday, got off of work, drove home, took a shower, grabbed a bite to eat, and headed out the door...at 7:15 PM. Sad thing is, this time lapse was not b/c of me going slow, but b/c of how late I get home b/c of traffic (that was a lot of "because" in one short run-on sentence). Anywho, I head out the door to look for a chop shop and pass a couple that didn't look quite like the kind I wanted. Finally I find one I like, and it is closed. They close at 7. So, I turn around and head back to the first one I had seen. As I pull up, I see three little latino "chavitos" running around being watched by their dad. I don't think anything of it and walk inside. As soon as I step through the door, BANG it hits me like a Mack truck. The memories of being handed 10 Pesos to go down the street to the corner stylist come flooding back. Same look, same show being shown on the TV, and I am once again, the only white gringo in the establishment.

That is correct, I have wandered my way into a Mexican barbershop. I chuckle to myself while trying not to grin like an idiot. Funny thing is, I had almost stopped into a "taqueria" just so that I could speak some spanish and knock the socks off the wait staff. Now I get to do it anyway. So I sit down, smile and nod at the mom sitting across from me, and grab a 3 month old copy of People to pass the time. There are two ladies working, one cutting hair while the other starts to close up shop. Therefore (must use proper english, even in cyberspace...when you remember too that is), I just sit and wait expecting one to be helped any second. Those seconds lead to minutes, to a mexican gentleman coming in and being sat down immediately for a cut. I continue to read, listen, and absorb the atmosphere contendedly. Finally, the "closing" lady tentatively approaches, catches my attention, and motions to the chair. As I sit down (totally off topic real quick, Shemekiah Copeland rocks. Her song"Have Me" just came on on my music player. Damn this woman can belt the blues.) she VERY brokenly starts to ask me how long I want it on the top. I cut her off and in spanish rattle off that I want it extremely short on the sides and finger cut very short on top. Her and her cutting partner almost dropped dead in their shoes in suprise. The guy next to me glances over and starts chuckling as the ladies start to giggle, laugh, and try to apologize to me.

It seems that the reason for the length of time that elapsed for my wait were because they didn't know how to approach me and find out what I wanted. I laughed, told them it was alright, and proceeded to talk to the about how I learned it and all that other riggamarolle. When I was finally released from the chair, the ladies asked me if I was going to be coming back.

That is a very strong affirmative. I love suprising people, it warms the cockles of my heart. Next time I go, I am going to try to make it a bit earlier so there are more people there. I can guarantee that those ladies have told stories about me to almost everybody that has gone in since. Yep, I definitely appreciated my upbringing right then. Without it, I would have stepped in, and done a quick about face. Instead, I got to enjoy myself, and feed the gossip machine for a couple days. Definitely worth the wait.

P.S. I hate technolgy some days. I pen this tale and my wireless connection decides to take a crapper. Who knows when this will ever see the light of day.

:edit: 24 hours, that is the length of wait


thebarefootpoet said...

Okay, so, in order, tell me about the job and congratulations!

Is the beard still of significant length or has it been to the chop shop as well.

Sounds like a blast at the shop, a perfect "Ben" moment if I've ever heard of one. Hope to see you soon.

Indiagirl said...

don't you just love childhood memories. It's the smells here that remind me so much of home - that and the swings & slides in the playground.

Wonder how long it will be when I see you (your hair that is!)


LiteratureLover said...

Great story! It must be awesome to be so fluent. I want our kids to have that too but I'm not a great teacher on different languages. So, we'll see...

Speaking of jobs, I'm so glad you have one! If you get a chance, fill us in on details.