Monday, November 06, 2006

about time

No, this is not another post about "time." But it is the phrase running through at least one person's head when they see that I have finally posted something...anything. lol. Noteworthy or not.

I have been looking everywhere for a streaming audio or a video to go along with this post, but I can't find anything anywhere, so you will just have to make up your own music to go with these lyrics, or you will have to buy the CD the song came from, or get somebody to download the song for your. Either way, here are the lyrics for a song that struck me pretty hard a couple of weeks ago.

Just for a moment, the moment I met her, I lost my breath but my lips whispered “she is the one”

Forgot who I was and who I was fooling, didn’t remember she could be my first cue to run

We moved so fast

Never thought twice

Mind came at last

Put us on ice

We stayed in touch but the touch I was wanting from her came from girls that
scared me too little to love

So all of the thoughts I thought I might tell her turned into songs
that until now she’s never heard of

I had been taught

Love is a vice

Took all these thoughts

And I put them on ice

The vice bends and ice tends to melt

One night she asked me how I felt

The next day I woke up lying to myself

I feel fine, I feel fine, I feel fine

Thank God you’re here, I need you to hear this

So sick of my shit, I promise, I’m through tempting fate

I know I’m in love now, you are what love is to me

Please tell me this isn’t too little too late

Let’s move fast

Making up would be nice

I’m so sorry I put these things on ice

-- On Ice by Chris Thile

Now the entire song is good. Lyrics are great, music is awesome, and the timing of the lyrics to the music is superb. What I want you to re-read is the lyrics I put in bold face type. I can honestly say that those last few words "...scared me too little to love." Jumped out so far the first time I heard this song. They are so fitting. And I don't think I have really run into a girl that has "scared me enough to love" since high-school. Although, truth be told...that "scared" might have just been the fact that I was so freakin' shy back then.


Anywho, this post made some sense to me until I wrote it down. Now after re-reading it, I am confused. Have fun. If you make sense of it, well done. If not, find the song, and enjoy it. lol. I am such a dork. :)


Anonymous said...

About freakin' time is right! And it made perfect sense to me...must be that common blood flowing in our veins.

Jay said...

yep... i'm confused. :)

call me. you owe me that much. i miss you.

Kyle said...

about time. you are amazing.

angelp said...

I'm with Jay, I'm confused too? Have you met her, you're One??? Details man, details! I will be calling you to find out more!!

thebarefootpoet said...

Gosh, you'd think you'd been a bit busy or something, waiting so long to post : ) Dude, interesting lyrics and thoughts on not being scared enough to fall in love. For me, meeting that "one" had a million emotions, being so overwhelmed with the sense that "oh shit, I think I want to marry her!"

angelp said...

thanks for the clarification! One day soon, you'll meet her!

LiteratureLover said...

Glad to have you back in the blogging world! I'm gonna have to listen to this song, it sounds incredible.

aubrey payne said...

def gonna find the song and listen.
i think i understand (in some obscure way) loving someone who "scares" you. but, i don't think i can express it yet. cool lyrics, man!

Zhenya & Danyelle said...

Not sure about these obscure lyrics, but at least you finally posted something. =)

Josh said...

Bro, I need you to get ahold of me ASAP. It is kind of urgent and very, very important. You can email me at and I will reply. Thanks bro.