Sunday, July 09, 2006


If you want to almost pee your pants from laughing so hard, I highly recommend that you visit this site.

:edit: The video to watch is "Numa Numa"

I read about it on TJ McCloud's blog, and I agree with his statement, "Somebody really damaged this kid a long time ago. I would suggest you watch both the "original version" and the "with subtitles."

Bought an awesome CD yesterday. It is "Garden" by Zero7. If you like music that flows to the beat of a different drummer (i.e. anything besides mainstream), check this out. Especially check out track 2 "Throw It All Away." The musical styling is almost a meld of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" and anything by Chuck Mangione.

So Italy won the World Cup. Final score was 5-3 after penalty kicks. Crazy thing about it all was that the intial two goals (one for France, one for Italy) were both scored before twenty minutes of play elapsed. The next 100 minutes were scoreless. Except for one "small" instance, the game was the definition of "joga bonito." That instance was Zidane doing the stupidest thing in the world, headbutting a player in the chest for no apparent reason. He got red-carded so he wasn't even able to pick up his silver medal. Bad way to end his career. Oh well, his life, his rules, he gets to live with the consequences. I caught the game in an Irish pub with about 200 other fanatics.

This guy in particular was crazy. I thought he was going to have a stroke or an aneurism with how worked up he got.

For those of you that know me in Nebraska, you might be able to see this from this pic. The guy totally looked like Wiemann, sounded like him, clapped like him, and got worked up like him. It was so freaky. I had a blast watching him.


Alyssa said...

We are so happy that Italy won. Hey...I want to see pictures of you!

soulreavers said...

aint gonna happen. :P I am the only one with the camera, right now I have no friends locally, and I hate pics of me. The soonest you will see a pic of me is after Crys's wedding.

thebarefootpoet said...

Today at the shop it was pouring outside and this guy walks in with an italian accent asking about the kind of art we have. I explain that people come in and paint themselves. He asks if he can do that right now in front of me. I say, "Uhh, sure..". He was soaked and dripping from the rain. He leans in close to me and asks, "Who won the world cup?" At that moment I knew how amazingly drunk he was. I said "Italia" and he shouts something in Italian. Then he says, "give me a hug!" I say "Oh man!" Then I get a soaking wet hug. I say "You're still celebrating aren't you?" He says "we will for a year!" And he stumbles out the door singing something in Italian. I'm now a huge fan of the World Cup.

soulreavers said...

i read an article talking about the emotions stirred by the World Cup. The author was using the Germany/Portugal game as his muse as he talked about the heights of joy experience by Germany when they won and the depths or sorrow and heartbreak of the Portugese team and fans. Here is the kicker of the article. "For those neutral, in the middle, who didn't care who won; the depths of emotion was almost more than the mind and sould could comprehend. Maybe the World Cup should be outlawed just to save humanities sanity." I about died laughing when I read that.