Sunday, June 11, 2006

Football mania

Ah, the glory of football. Where a flick of the ankle can send 3 billion people into either spasms of joy or crushing heartbreak. No other sport causes more lost time at work, fewer concert ticket sales, and more rioting. Look at Brazil '94 or France '98. Any England vs. Argentina game in the last 25 years. Don't forget about the price of equipment. A good ball starts the price off at $60. A World Cup ball is almost $120. Boots? Better take out another mortgage on the home, top of the line Puma, Nike, Adidas, or Diadora cleats will cost you $185. And the best part is, it takes an entire month before the spectacle of the greatest sport on earth is over with, and three years for aftershocks to stop. Of course, by that time, the hype starts to build again for the next installment. Yes, yes, I am talking about the World Cup.

One day, I WILL participate in the spectacle that is the World Cup. Granted, it will only be as a spectator, but I will be at a game. Preferrably the Final. Until that day, I will be content with sitting with my eyes glued to the screen, screaming, groaning, and cheering out loud; all the while looking like a total idiot to all who see me. I am currently blessed in the fact that I can watch almost every single game. Between ABC and the three mexican stations I pick up on my rabbit ears I am covered. Granted, some games (USA vs Czech republic) nobody is showing except for ESPN2. I am therefore forced to go out to eat so as to watch the game as well. Of course, this state of affairs is helped by my lack of a job at the moment. I am therefore able to catch all the games that are in the morning (i.e. every game), due to the time difference between the great state of Texas and Germany.

Of course, I am constantly thrown in the midst of a dilemma. Who do I cheer for? Mexico? USA? Czech Republic? Today was a perfect example of that. Iran vs Mexico. Iran normally doesn't do all that good in the World Cup, so I am tempted to root for the underdog. But Mexico is my home. In case you don't know, Mexico ended up destroying Iran. 3-1. The last two goals came within ten minutes of each other, half way through the second half.



Nairobi Paul said...

Hello from Africa!

Yes, people are thrilled about the World Cup here too (way more than in the States - but I think that's because there are so many other sports in the US to steal sports fans' affections.

So how did you find my blog?

thebarefootpoet said...

Yeah, I'm your basic American who understands football to be a more oval type of ball. I love how excited you are about it, having lived outside of this country is probably really helpful in that regard. Thinking and praying for you, hope you're doing well. Need to take a road trip anytime soon? I have a flat air mattress begging to be inflated.

soulreavers said...

I just might take up your offer sooner than you think Lindy.

Nairobi, i agree with you why soccer isn't as big here in the States. That, and how "slow" soccer is. A great game is 1-0 because of a killer goal in the 91st minute (ala Germany vs. Poland today), and a high scoring game is 3-1 (Iran vs. Mexico). I found your blog through you finding mine. I was wondering how you had stumbled on me in the first place. Glad to know you.

Josh said...

Awesome to hear from you man...long freaking time bro...thanks for visiting the website and need to get my email address and email me rocks!

Alyssa said...

Hey Ben,
I saw you post on josh's web so I thought I should look you up. You need to put your web on the alumni web so that other people can look at ya! Love your hair.
Oh...your little chapter on Crystal's life is enough to drive anyone wild with envy.

Alyssa said...
Anyways, that's the site. You'll have to sign in and everything. It took me a long time to figure it all out...but there are tons of pictures and stuff. Plus, people are always waiting for some fresh blood to post.

aubrey payne said...

i'm so happy there is makes me happy...especially when Mexico whoops up on Iran...that was nice
long time no see, Ben

Kyle said...

Its kind of amazing to see the World Cup fever hit folks here in the states.