Thursday, May 18, 2006

familial affection

My incredibly talented sister. Singer, songwriter, poet, artist, musician, and now...fiance. For those who didn't meet her when she and the rest of the fam visited, her name is Crystal. She is the 2nd of four, and right now, by far, the most successful. This pic is her singing with Bebo Norman. She moonlights as his back up singer and duet partner when she isn't singing in Danielle's place, for Caedmon's Call. If you can't tell, I am incredibly proud of her, and incredibly envious as well. She gets to go on the road, sing, get paid good bucks, and meet totally INCREDIBLE people. You should hear some of the stories she has to tell. Especially about the band. She has gotten the reputation of knowing somebody in every city they stop in. Ah, the benefits of constantly moving as a child, and having friends who were the same. We are everywhere. May her upcoming marriage be painless in planning, joyful in execution, and incredibly rich in following Christ. The last I have no fear of failing. The man she is marrying is probably the strongest Christian, my age, I have ever seen. Incredibly mission minded, in love with God, Mexico, and India (in that order), and about as cool a guy to hang out with as has ever lived. Not to mention, he has the best name in the planet. :D Yes, it is Ben as well.


angelp said...

Yeah, your Sister is great! Lucky too. I'm privileged to call you both friends!

Nairobi Paul said...

Congrats for your sister!

And keep up the good work on your blog. Hope you get back to India.

LiteratureLover said...

Your sister seems so great. Of course, I'm impressed with your whole family! How exciting about her engagement.