Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I don't know how to post something I found somwhere else on the internet without copyright infringement, so I hope the original author doesn't feel the need to come after me. I found this picture put to words at Deviantart.com. It almost took my breath away. The sonnet is by Shakespeare but arranged into a more readable format by pachunka.

The Earth and all her jubilee and might,
and self-inflicted hardship overcome,
and doctrine forged to settle wrong and right
no more can tell her doctors from the Sun-

with science and scripture stirred and made the same,
and idols cast from dirt and lust and gold,
and sunlight ploughed and passed a clever name,
and beauty culled and bought and used and sold,

thus, sun and beauty bound and in a mew,
as each one treads your lashes and your hair,
but glossy doctrines cast and mould and skew;
and you can't tell the sunlight from the glare-

and don the golden makeup and disguise,
as lashes keep the sunlight from your eyes.


thebarefootpoet said...

It's amazing to me how powerful a well written sonnet or song or poem so challenges and puts on display truth. Great post, bro.

angelp said...

I quiver & I shake, the pictures & the words awake within me the power of the word, and the power of the Word! I can see how creation came forth now!